Frequently Asked Questions


Why "Tinturu"?

Tinturu is the name of a little elephant character from a beloved children’s book by Israeli author Nurit Zarchi. I was very taken with her sweet character and decided to name my brand after her. For the full story of how Tinturu started click here.

p.s. Tintura means “dye” or “tincture” in Spanish, Italian and Portugese, which was a happy coincidence!



What materials are Tinturu Plushies made of?

Cotton fabrics / Fleece backing for the Baby Collection

Non-toxic fabric paint

Ökotex 100 certified, hypoallergenic polymer filling (which retains it’s form and doesn’t clump)

How are the plushies produced?

Each plushie is hand painted, sewn, stuffed and packaged by myself. They are unique and can not be replicated. If you’re interested in the detailed process have a look here.

Can I wash Tinturu Plushies?

Yes, but carefully.

The paints are heat fixed and will endure up to 60 ° C washes in cases of stain-emergencies, but should ideally be hand washed or go in the wool cycle.


Can I add a name to a Baby Brush?

Yes! Please click the “Customize Brush” option and let me know the name you wish to have hand-lettered on the brush.

The name will then be painted on the front (bristle side) of the brush and varnished several times with my food-safe, water based satin varnish.


Please note that this adds about 3-5 days to the scheduled delivery (so a week overall) since the varnish needs to dry between coats.

What is the difference between the two Baby Brush types?

Goat Hair Baby Brushes have super soft bristles perfectly suited for newborns and babies up to 2 years who don’t have a full head or hair. They are also great for body and face massages.

Horse Hair Baby Brushes are coarser and have darker bristles. They are suitable for fuller haired babies and toddlers or to help with cradle cap.

Both are made with local sourced birch wood or pear wood (reddish tone).


Can I buy the original painting?

If you are interested in buying an original painting please send me an email enquiry and I will let you know the details (price, size, technique, availability).

Any more Questions?

Drop me a line!