Sparkle little Elephant

33cm x 24cm

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The Glitterphant is an sparkly, one-of-a-kind plushie who will make an excellent nap partner and add a spot of color to any room. His front side is hand-painted  on 100% organic cotton and the reverse features a soft light blue zig zag pattern Tilda© fabric.



– Dimensions: approximately 12.9in / 33cm (trunk to tail) and  9.4in / 24 cm (top to feet)

– Hand painted with non-toxic fabric paints

– Heat fixed for durability

– Subtly glittering blue body / Floral pattern in dark greens and blues with a touch of fluorescent orange

– Baby blue Tilda© fabric (zigzag pattern) on back

– Hypoallergenic, fluffy polyfill stuffing (OEKO-TEX® certified)


Please note that due to the hand made nature of this product, there may be some irregularities in the painting and in the stitching. While I try to keep everything at top quality, some small flaws may occur. 


Small correction hand stitching at tip of tail.


Hand-wash or machine wash on a wool/delicate cycle without detergent. Tinturu Plushies will withstand temperatures of up to 50°C in case of a stain emergency.  Intended for children and adults of all ages.

If you like this elephant but have a different pattern in mind, have a look at my “custom creations” page. I am always happy to work together on a bespoke piece that incorporates any weird and wonderful ideas you might have! Click here for more details.

All Tinturu plushies are hand crafted top to bottom: from painting the front to sewing and stuffing. I enjoy picking out interesting and high quality fabrics for the reverse side, so that your plushie will look beautiful facing either way. This elephant is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. Once this piece has sold, it is gone for good!