“Silly Cat is here! We love it!!!”

Chagit and Peter Heller

Owners of Silly Cat

A Tinturu Pig in it’s natural environment

“Super well made and high quality. Not to mention cutness overload on our custom tiger-pig illustrations ❤” 

The Lundgren-Martins 

Owners of Tiger-Pig Custom made Tinturu and a matching Tiger-Piglet baby brush

Eva Roth and a special bear

“Wie witzig ist das denn, das wir beide aus Frankfurt sind, ich Dich und Deine zuckersüßen Produkte aber erst auf einem Markt in Berlin kennenlerne?! “

Christine Schart

Owner of a plushie astronaut

The adorable Hila Gigi hugging a Tinturu bunny like her life depends on it!

The official Tinturu house-model and my personal inspiration, Emil Bohbot and an eel plushie sharing an intimate moment